Projects - Benefits for the Mountains

How does Mulu Eco Lodge benefit the region and its people?

We want to support the region of Choke Mountains.

We are striving to fi ght rural exodus from this rich piece of earth. We do this by creating jobs for locals in various associations that provide services such as pottery, weaving, horse riding or guiding tours. This has a double effect: It’s a genuine experience for tourists and a strong force for the preservation of the regional workforce and cultural heritage.

Additionally, a portion of our proceeds go directly towards social projects run by our non-profit association Enat Ethiopia e.V., whose mission it is to strengthen the local populace primarily by bettering access to education. Our current projects are supporting the regional primary school and a flour mill.

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Mulu Eco Village

"Eco"-Standards for all farmers!


Grinding Mill

A Diesel Grinding Mill for the Community!


Elementary School

Good quality education for the farmers kids!

Here the farmers are thatching the grass roof.

Community House

Meeting center for locals and guests, library and workshop

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