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Lodges - Gojo

Bet, amharic: house, home
Gojo, amharic: traditional round house from mud and clay with straw roof

All our houses look different, have different characteristics and different sizes. 
All are built and designed by our local community with materials grown and supplied by them (no cement etc.): bamboo, soil, gras, straw, woods, stone. 
The walls are painted with a homemade natural chalk paint (the chalk is collected in the surrounding mountains) that allows a great room climate. The lodges are furnished with home made bamboo furnitures done by the farmers in cooperation with foreign volunteers.

Nature Camping

Mulu Eco Lodge provides a camping area with several camping spaces in full privacy and full sanitary facilities.

It is located in a bright endemic Highland forest within our protected 5 ha preservation compound a few minutes walking from the lodges. Wild endemic animals, like Meneliks bushbock, Duiker, Colobus and Vervet monkeys and several bird species can pass by the tents by chance (dont worry, there is no dangerous wildlife).
There are several viewspots over the riverine valley.


We are happy to help you out with choosing the best option for you.

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