Community House

A big issue for the farmer community was a Community House in the compound of the Mulu Eco Lodge to have a place to meet and exchange, also with foreigners.

In November 2017 about 60 farmers started building that house: in a local traditional style, wooden walls that are plastered with mud and clay, a bamboo roof thatched with grass. It took them about a week.

It is meant to be a meeting point for the farmer community with a library for the students and children, a kindergarten corner for the young ones to play, a farmer museum, a computer to learn basics about informatics, a TV for educational movies of any kind (english, sanitary, environment, etc) and a place for local women associations to do their handcrafts (pottery, weaving, etc.) and sell their products to visitors of the area.
The house construction by itsself is almost finished but we still have to get the mudwalls done, get a compost toilet, and do the interiors.


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