Forest Walks

Walk and enjoy in the forest at the riverbanks:

You can discover the forest, river, waterfalls and several ponds (possible to have a refreshing bath!) by yourselve. A few trails are marked with red paint (only down to the river, not along the riverbanks).

Walk along the red demarkations to the permanent mountain spring which is the Lodges drinking water supply.

There is a loop trail down to the river, then along the riverbanks, passing several waterfalls and ponds and back up to the lodge from the other side. You can start antime of the day and walk for about 1-2h. The locals are happy to accompany you.
 → 350 ETB (about 10 €)

Extension loop trail: Walk up the river to the biggest waterfall in the area. See an old bat cave next to the pond of the waterfall and then continue the loop trail explained above. You will walk about 3-4h.
→ 500 ETB (about 14 €)

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