4-Days_Highland Trekking

4-days-tour in the Choke Mountains: Mulu Eco Lodge & Trekking!

Choke Mountains – third highest mountains of Ethiopia. Untouched and scenic nature experiences and original Amhara farm life.
Live with the local farmers in Mulu Eco Lodge.

Mountain trekking – trekking with horses and donkeys through the highlands and overnights and homestays with the locals with coffee ceremonies

horse riding and trekking 

Please note: The programm can be changed according to unforseen events or adapted to the dates of your travel to include local markets or events that occur only on certain dates.

Prices include:

  • Guiding and organizing fee
  • Accommodations: camping
  • Local guide fees
  • Meal: full board, water and local drinks
  • Village fees
  • Camping fees

Prices do not include:

  • Alcoholic drinks and beverages
  • Tips and other personal expenses which are not listed in the above
  • Insurance
  • Emergency Air Rescue

Prices per person:

Based on 1 traveller: 660 €
Based on 2 traveller: 422 €
Based on 3 traveller: 343 €
Based on 4 traveller: 304 €
Based on 5 traveller: 280 €
Based on 6 traveller: 264 €

Day 1:

Trekking to Kebero Meda (about 10 km, quite flat)

We will pack camping gears in the morning on the horses and donkeys and start walking after a good breakfast.

After less than an hour walking up the mountain we will soon reach a mountain plateau with grasslands, rivers and thousands of farm animals grazing freely. It is a comfortable easy flat walking through the farm fields. On the way are few small tea houses who offer soft drinks and are perfect for breaks. We will take some lunch from the Lodge and enjoy it on a viewpoint.

Walking in a comfortable speed with enough breaks we will reach in the late afternoon a farmer family where we set up our tents in front of their houses.

This area is known for the good race horses they breed, so if we are lucky we will have the chance to see how the farmer children train the young horses, racing without a saddle or other tools.

Who still has energy can walk some minutes to the edge of the mountain chain and enjoy the african sunset and then walk back before it is dark.

We will have dinner together with the family and see their houses equipped like farmer museums.

Overnight stay in the tent.

Day 2:

Trek to the Molalit Cave (about 8 km, 3600m a.s.l., mainly flat, some hills)

In the next morning we will have breakfast with the farmer family while our tents are being packed on the horses.

We will start walking along the edge of a mountain chain with stunning views.

The countryside changes to untouched nature not farmed by the locals. Lots of endemic plants like Giant Lobelia, Erica and Giant Haze and different endemic birds lead us trough the nature.

We will cross thousands of small rivers that contribute to the Blue Nile in the lowlands. You will understand why the Choke Mountains are called „the water tower of east and north africa“.

After having a lunch break on a mountain peak we will finish our day walk when we reach to the Molalit Cave. Molalit is a natural rocky mountain cave where still a family is living as the 4th generation. It is a beautiful spot for the Choke mountains sunset and to watch the bone breaker prayer giant bird Lammergeier.
We will have dinner with the cave family, the mother an father and their three boys.

Overnight Camping at the gate of the Cave.

Day 3:

Walk on the „Dragon Mountain“ and Wofchana (4-5 km, more hilly)

After breakfast with the cave family we will hike up the cave mountain and walk down on the other side until we reach a mountain that is shaped like a flying dragon. We will walk up to the peak on the back of the dragon.

Up there we will have lunch while watching down to the Lammergeier and voltures flying below us, rounding the mountain.
In the afternoon we will go to a farmer village and stay overnight in the community campsite of Wofchana. The strong farmer community prepared that campsite in cooperation with the farmers of Mulu Eco Lodge to host guests and give the opportunity to be a part in their numerous celebrations.

In the evening the community will prepare a big welcoming party, all the villagers of all ages coming together to celebrate with you.

Overnight stay on the community based campsite.

Day 4:

Trek home to Mulu Eco Lodge (about 11 km)

After breakfast celebrations with all the families we will start walking up the mountain back to the mountain plateau for about one hour with stunning views while climbing up.

Once up it is an easy flat walk for about 3-4h back to the Mulu Eco Lodge through the green highlands and sheep herds.

In the evening there will be a welcome-back-home celebration with the Mulu farmers, big meals and foot massages!

The horses will go back home to their stables while we are celebrating our trek at the campfire with the locals.

We are sure you will enjoy your travel!

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